With SellPlug.com, you’ll have access to a super user–friendly website building tool. It is truly simple as ABC and it features an interface that is guaranteed to be instantaneously recognizable to anyone who has ever dealt with an admin area. The website building tool features quite a lot of eye–pleasing website themes which you could edit with just a mouse click and set up a website as you wish. Moreover, every template is mobile–friendly, so your new website will look and feel amazing on all devices from the outset.

The website building tool is a part of the SellPlug.com Site Control Panel, present with all Linux cloud website hosting, VPS packages, semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated hosting offers.

A user friendly website building tool

No coding knowledge is required

The goal of our website building tool is to make site development user–friendly and to let you launch a super cool website without having to pen even one line of HTML, CSS, or any other coding languages.

You could do this using content blocks which you could add to each website theme and then tweak and relocate anyway you want. Moreover, you can trash the elements you don’t want with a click of the mouse. Should you wish to make your website more engaging, you could instantly insert videos and photos, or even a blog to it.

And it all works with no problems.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of easy to re–design themes

Stylish site designs that look perfect on tablets and phones

In order to design a good–looking website, you’ll need to build a stable base. That’s why, the SellPlug.com’s website building tool features a big selection of distinctive site designs, ideal for any kind of site – individual pages, e–shops, forums, and so on.

Every website theme is easy to re–design, with numerous patterns, different color options and included support for more than 100 different web fonts. You can edit every one of these options with just a click. And best of all, if at some point you want to switch your website template and go for a different one, all modification you’ve implemented will be switched over automatically.

A set of easy to re–design themes

Integrated help desk and how–to video tutorials

Learn how quick and easy it actually is to jumpstart a website

The SellPlug.com’s website building tool is equipped with a help desk which includes very detailed how–to articles and videos provoked by the most commonly asked questions by clients.

You will be able to see how to change your website theme and create an all new web page. In addition, you will be able to discover just how you can select an alternative website theme or maybe embed an e–cart onto your site.

Apart from that, you can get hold of us 24/7/365 in case you need immediate help with your website.

Video Tutorials